Special Offer!!!! NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Alright ladies!! With summer looming- not that the British weather is treating us very well- its time to think about finding that perfect bikini, booking your beach holiday and showing off your beautiful body! Now, we all suffer from stretch marks and cellulite and I know that I am always looking for a solution that actually works and doesn’t cost me and arm and a leg!!!

I am very lucky to be able to offer you all 20% discount for this month only, on Arbonne’s sensational cellulite treatment products! I am a big fan of Arbonne products, they contain no parabens, no mineral oils or any other nasty chemicals. Parabens are found in 100% of cancer sufferers so its important to start becoming aware of what we are actually using on our skin.

All 3 of these products work amazingly well together!


1. Apply the salt scrub in circular motions to affected area in the shower

2. Post shower mix about a quarter size amount of the Conditioning Body Moisture and a dime size of the Instant Lift Gel in the palm of your hand and apply directly to cellulite/stretch marks. Rub until absorbed. You should experience a subtle tightness occurring.

Awaken Sea Salt Scrub


The sea salt scrub works so well because it contains Tocopheryl Acetate, a powerful form of vitamin E that neutralizes the free radicals that cause premature tissue damage. Essential for healthy skin and improves circulation.

FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture


The Conditioning Body Moisture contains Tocopheryl Acetate, along with Lemon Oil and Rosemary. Lemon Oil is a great astringent and contains detoxifying properties that are ideal for toning and renewing the skin. Rosemary improves the appearance of mature skin by firming and smoothing it, reducing the appearance of cellulite dimples and ripples.

RE9 Advanced Instant Lift Gel


This instant lift gel contains Tocopheryl Acetate as well as Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract which helps to maintain your skins elasticity and texture. It helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles  and skin damage.

To get your 20% off these products please email Rachel Mackay-


Include your name, which products you would like and just quote ‘Fiona Henderson Make Up’.

If you are interested in seeing all the other amazing products that Arbonne has to offer have a look at this website- http://rachelmackay.myarbonne.co.uk/arbonne/rachelmackay.nsf/p1/1?OpenDocument

Happy shopping!! xxx


I have finally found it………!!!

For years and years I have tried out what feels like hundreds of mascaras, searched high and low for that perfect mascara wand and never found the one……. however, I have finally fallen head over heels in love with Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ waterproof mascara! Its the first mascara that I have re-purchased- that says everything- and I recommend it to everyone!! My sisters use it, my mum bought it the other day, she then went out and bought it for my cousin……the dog will be using it soon its that amazing (although i don’t have a dog so that would be amazing)! Or is it ‘amazeballs’ as the cool kids say these days??



Why do I love this mascara so much you might ask? Well, read on and I will reveal all……..

1. Just look at the shape of that brush, it makes applying mascara to curled lashes so easy, coating all of them evenly. Give your brush a good wiggle from the base of your lash upwards for perfect mascara appliance.

2. The waterproof formula hold a curl forever and DOES NOT come off when you cry, go swimming etc…… tried and tested!

3. It makes your lashes look super duper long and luscious without being clumpy, me likey!

4. It makes applying mascara to the bottom lashes easy ozy…… again just look at the cool brush shape.

5. I don’t have eyelashes that resemble spiders even once I have applied 2 coats! Always a bonus!

Does this mean that I am going to stop trying other new mascaras on the market? No!!! Makeup is always developing and I am sure that before long I will have found another that is ‘the one’……….

Now to find my other ‘one’ of the male variety………


100th blog post and some very exciting news!!!

100 posts!!!! Wowee…..!!! Glittery, gold stars to everyone who has followed and supported me……thank you!!!!


So, my EXCITING news is that I am going to be starting a 90 day challenge on the 15th April and I want you guys to join me. The #1 weightloss and fitness challenge in the US is launching here in the UK and I am SUPER EXCITED about it! My 90 day goal is to tone my less than tight tummy and bottom and also run a 10k! Since I can barely run for the bus without huffing and puffing this is going to be a real challenge! What is your 90 day challenge? Lose 10lbs, 20lbs? Drop a dress size? Eat healthier? Run a triathlon?…….. Comment and let me know your goal and leave a contact email/number so I can get back to you with how to take part in the 90 day challenge here in the UK!!! Or email me fionahendersonmakeup@gmail.com. You will be the FIRST when it is launched to try it so jump on board now and look like this by summer-


To find out more you have to click here! 90 DAY CHALLENGE. Go on……you know you want to!!!! Then make sure you get in touch with me to begin your own challenge….


Love Fiona

The House of Nines Lookbook A/W 2013

urlHello beautiful makeup lovers!

As some of you may or may not know I took the jump and moved to big, bad London a few months ago. I did this so that I could focus on getting my makeup artist career headed for bigger things…in particular, LFW. Becoming a successful makeup artist is certainly not something that happens overnight and takes a lot of self motivation, hard work ( a lot of this is unpaid) and long hours. Its is completely and utterly worth it though when you can do a job that you LOVE. How many people can honestly say that they love their job??

Moving to London has been like starting at square one again, I had no contacts and no one knew of me……. So, the last few months have consisted of me searching everyday online for work so that I could begin networking here in London. Its not been easy but it is finally starting to pay off with the help of a few recommendations- word of mouth if my best friend. One of the most exciting shoots recently was for a front cover of Flawless Women Magazine. MY FIRST FRONT COVER!! My next step is to find an agency to represent me, I have just finished putting together my portfolio and emailing a few agencies to set up a meet……fingers crossed.

Anyway, enough of my rambling on!!! One of the photoshoots that I have done since moving to London was with 2 very talented designers who set up, The House of Nines. The photoshoot was for their A/W lookbook and since The House of Nines had recently shown in LFW Collections I was really excited to get the chance to work with them. Here is a small bit about them-

‘The House of Nines ensures superior quality in the architecture and execution of its every piece. House creators Ross Paul Keenan and Shamrez Marawat challenge the perception of British Menswear to arrive at a long-awaited rebirth of the form. Industrial landscapes inform sharply engineered silhouettes and muted tones.’

Some photos from the lookbook-

Photography: Duncan Telford
Make up: Fiona Henderson
Model: Louis Yearwood @ D1 Models

a77838561d2aa4b9a2ecf53b0c3f8309_1000ead8f8c3bcceb4e0564033b93ccf7bf8_10006aa3053da0453cbef9df662c8674803b_1000564329f297de21ed173fd3faddca82bf_100014c2969b37c1927dcc68161f2f12d35c_1000    c256b0264bd5de4948e8521e196a9514_1000

Well, thats all for now. I shall continue to keep you updated…..watch this space. Let me know if you would like to know how and what products I used to create this look.

Newest makeup tutorial to keep you on trend this spring-

Love Fiona

How to create sultry eyes and 1st makeup review of 2013!


Ciao, gorgeous makeup lovers! Recently I filmed a makeup tutorial teaching you how to create a stunning sultry, smokey, brown eye. The photo opposite was from makeup that I applied at a photoshoot for designer RowanJoy. This tutorial is perfect for those all important dates and parties that you have planned in 2013…….. WOW, 2013, its seems crazy that another whole year has flown by. Last year for me was amazing, as I travelled around the world…..sadly this did mean my beauty blog suffered. However, I am now back and ready to keep you updated with the latest beauty trends and makeup reviews. I have also just recently moved to London so I am hoping I will have lots of exciting photoshoots to share with you as well.

So….my first review of 2013 is the makeup that I used in this makeup tutorial. Lets get started!

First up is Ingot eyeshadow, I have already done a review of this makeup brand but I love it so much I thought I would share one of my favourite eyeshadow brands with you again! Inglot have about 200 different eyeshadows to choose from and every finish imaginable. I used 3 eyeshadows from the matte range for my makeup tutorial and they are so fantastic to work with! Highty pigmented, blend beautifully and have amazing staying power. At only £4.50 per eyeshadow you can make your own palette up for a fraction of the price of high end makeup brands. P1110946

Matte 360        Matte 365             Matte 329


Introducing……. Maybelline 24hr cream eyeshadow in ‘On and on bronze’!! I love these SUPER DUPER long lasting cream eyeshadows. At £4.99 they are really affordable and I would compare them to Estee Lauder Double Wear cream eyeshadows. I love using these as a base before blending in my powder eyeshadows on top, this way eyeshadow lasts all day and night and stays looking perfect! These cream eyeshadows are great if you have oily eyelids as they will not crease.



Next up is the new and AWESOME Sleek blusher palettes…….. I have one called Lace which has 3 amazing colours in. For £9.99 you can get 3 beautiful blushers that have great pigmentation, go onto the skin very evenly and give a gorgeous flushed look to the cheek. This is a bargain that you can’t live without! My favourite is the colour Crochet.

Chantilly                     Guipure                  Crochet



Lastly, I have fallen in love with the Caresse range of lipsticks from L’oreal. These are super creamy lipsticks that act more like a tinted lipbalm providing a hint of colour an instantly hydrate your lips. They come in many different colours….. I had so much trouble choosing only 3! I would have all of them if possible.

Rose Mademoiselle 04, Aphrodite Scarlet 06, Cheeky Magenta 07



Well, that’s all for now folks…… Please check out my makeup tutorial below if you want to create sultry looking eyes and remember to subscribe here.  xxxxx

Favourite winter lipsticks!!!


Hello makeup loves!

I can’t believe that it is already November, this year has gone so fast. As many of you will know I have spent the last year travelling around the world…..finally though I am back! I love winter- except for the cold weather- and I love that makeup wise you can start wearing deep, dark lipsticks. So, I thought I would tell you my favourite purple lipsticks for this winter and the great thing about most of these lipsticks is that they can be found in most Boots and Superdrug stores and accommodate for every budget!

First up is the new Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in ‘Always Plum’, this lipstick lasts forever without drying out your lips and has a nice creamy texture. This is a matt plum colour and looks great alone or teamed with a lipgloss.


Up next is Revlon, and their AMAZING deep purple lipstick in ‘Va va violet’. I have used this lipstick on many photoshoots because the colour is so intense and beautiful. this is not long lasting so be aware that you will need to re-apply. This colour looks amazing on dark skin tones. I have included a photo from a shoot that I used this lipstick on.

P1110710P1110713Rowan A-W (17)

Another great purple lipstick is another one by Maybelline from the ColourSensational range. The colour is ‘Midnight Plum 338’, and this is a slightly lighter plum colour than the deep Revlon. This colour differs dependent on skin tone and lip colour so be sure to try before you buy. This lipstick has very small flicks of shimmer through it and looks very pretty on lips for parties.


My last favourite lipstick is one from my Inglot palette, number 85. This is a long lasting lipstick with a semi-matt finish, highly pigmented this lipstick it fantastic for photoshoots. All of the Inglot lipsticks have a beautiful creamy texture to them and they feel lovely on your lips. Mmmmm……


Moving onto lipgloss I recently discovered this beautiful creamy gloss by Laura Mercier in ‘Mauve Plum’. It looks fantastic on top of the 14hr Maybelline lipstick from above. Purple lipgloss is great if you are a bit uncertain about statement lips as they are a lot sheerer than lipstick.


Finally Shu Uemura have a fantastic dark purple, very sheer lipgloss thats perfect for giving a high shine to a matt lipstick. The colour is 059N. It smells yummy too……


I have a new makeup tutorial showing you how to match your eye shadow to dark statement lips, check it out below and be sure to leave me comments about your favourite purple lipstick.

Love Fiona

Dark statement lips.

Beauty BASICS!


Helloooo…. beauty lovers! I have decided that its about time I did a ‘beauty basics’ series on my beauty channel (click here to check it out). My makeup look tutorials are usually 10-15mins long and this is just too long sometimes if you just want quick tips, sooo……. I bring you ‘Beauty 101’, 3-5min tutorials with quick tips on essential makeup application.

First up is a bronzing tutorial, I felt that since there has been a lack of sun here in Scotland this summer it might come in handy, happy watching below! Please comment with tutorials that you would like, I am planning- Flawless foundation, concealing, blusher, contouring and highlighting, eyebrows, mascara and false lashes and perfect lips……… xxxxxxx

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Products used- Georgia by Benefit

CARGO Hydrabronze

Sleek Face Contour Kit

Coralista by Benefit