SS 11 Makeup trends!!

Its all about being BRIGHT and BOLD this spring/summer. Block colour eyeshadow is bang on trend so don’t be afraid to go as bright and beautiful as you want. Lips can be kept a neutral colour or if you are feeling brave then contrast with your eyeshadow.

Dior portays this new trend perfectly! I love it….so much fun experimenting with different colours. M.A.C and Bella Pierre do some brilliant bright coloured eyeshadows that are highly pigmented so great to work with when achieving this look. I will also let you into a little secret…….No. 17 also do great bright coloured eyeshadows if you are working on a budget! Shhhhh…..

On the 20th of February I had an excellent photoshoot with photographer Andrew Moore, hair stylist Roy Rogers from SAKS Glasgow salon, and models, Tara Nowy and Samantha Davidson! The photoshoot was styled by Tara and I and we based it around SS11- Bring back the 70’s! Our set was hippy based and cleverly put together by the very talented Roy (hairstylist and now set maker!), the clothing, a modern twist on the 70’s and the make up- bold, BOLD, BOLD!! On Tara I used a bright green eyeshadow on the lid and then a yellow eyeshadow above the lid and blended up to the eyebrow. Her dark hair and pale complection looked fantastic with these colours! For Samantha i used bright orange all over the eyelid- blended up to the eyebrow and then smudged out at the corners for that hippy look!

Here are some of the backstage photos from the day. Lots of fun and hard work- brilliant team!


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