Covering up those annoying blemishes…

So I have been looking to my friends for common makeup questions and the one that seems to feature most is ‘how to cover up spots’. So here are my top tips to covering your blemishes to make your skin picture perfect…

1. Use that all important primer! Laura Mercier Primer RULES.

2. Cover with a concealer that matches the colour of your foundation. An excellent concealer is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (this takes a while to get used to but is worth it) or Benefit Erase Paste. Pat concealer onto the spot prior to applying foundation. Do not rub the concealer in as this will just take it off as you apply it. After covering the spot add a light dusting of setting powder on the area and then apply foundation as normal, build up a heavier coverage over the blemish. You may find you need to apply some concealer on the blemish after the foundation as well if it is a particularly stubborn spot, we all hate those ones!!

3. If your spot is very red use a small amount of green concealer mixed in with your normal concealer to counteract the redness. Do not go over the top with this though as you will turn out looking like the incredible hulk, FACT!

Follow these easy steps to get a complection like this:

Photographer- Paul Marr

Model- Patricia Taylor

Make Up- Fiona Henderson

Hair- Roy Rogers


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