Neonatal nurse and makeup artist…..

Hey Guys!

For those of you who don’t know, I also work as a neonatal nurse…… keeps you wondering as to how I managed to become a makeup artist as well. I lead 2 very different lives. One day I am working a 12hr shift and looking after sick, preterm babies and then the next day I am on location at a photoshoot or working at a fashion show. It definitly makes for a very exciting and interesting life!!

I live and breathe makeup, I love everything about the way it can provide an unseen confidence in an individual and how you can completely change how someone looks for a photoshoot. My journey began years and years ago when I used to borrow my mums makeup, I always just knew how to apply it. In my amazing mums words ‘it looked so good I couldn’t tell you not to wear it’. From then on I wore makeup and learnt how to best apply it and tricks of the trade. Growing up I spent my time doing makeup for my sisters proms and for nights out doing my friends makeup. My first experience of doing makeup for a photoshoot was about 5 years ago for an amazing photographer- Paul Marr.  This really made me realise my potential and I then went on to study Fashion and Photographic Makeup. Since qualifying I have spent my time building up contacts within the industry, making an exceptional portfolio and working with some very talented photographers, models and stylists. I have also had some of my work published and won the Scottish Regional Loreal Colour Trophy. Please follow me on facebook-, twitter- FionahMUA, Youtube- fionahendersonmakeup and check out my website for updates-

ps. my next YouTube makeup tutorial is going to be the 8hr sleep effect…….tips on how to looks fresh and glowing after working a long hard day!

Below are pics from on set at a recent photoshoot and then working in a neonatal unit in Africa……



One thought on “Neonatal nurse and makeup artist…..

  1. Hello, I’m an Oncology nurse (20+ years on the job; working part time now), and I’m passionate about make up to the point that I wish I could enroll in a makeup school. How and where have you learned your basics, or have you been self-taught all that time.
    Looking forward to reading from you.
    Anick (currently in Paris)

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