Top tips for DIY brides-to-be…..

Picture- Photographer Paul Marr, Hair Roy Rogers, Model Tara Nowy, Makeup Fiona Henderson

With the Royal Wedding coming up there is lots and lots of chit chat regarding that big day……So here are my makeup top tips for brides-to-be who are doing their own makeup-

  • Make sure that you skin is looking amazing on your wedding day by drinking lots of water and using a moisturiser that work well for you on the the run up to your big day. This will provide the perfect base for makeup to applied on.
  • If you are going to be doing your own makeup its definitly worth going round lots of makeup counters and getting your makeup done so that you can pick up some tips and figure out what you like and what you don’t.
  • Invest in a good primer for your wedding day. If you have dry skin then Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer is perfect for your skin. If you have young skin thats normal then That Gal primer by Benefit or GOSH primer, these will give a lovely glowing base for your foundation to go over. For oily skin try Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer and if your skin is sensitive then the mineral primer by Laura Mercier will be a safe choice! (Laura Mercier is famous for her primer- its the number 1 selling product and really is fabulous).
  • Foundation needs to be a perfect match to your skin tone, if you watch my YouTube tutorial on Flawless Summer Skin I provide tips at the end on how to pick that perfect foundation –
  • You are going to want your foundation to stay on all day,  Estee Lauder Double Wear lasts a good 24hrs….tried and tested!! To achieve a glow mix some illuminating liquid with your foundation- Clinique does a lovely one.

  • Use a nice light powder on top of your foundation to prevent shine and to soak up any oil. A powder with a illuminating pigment in it will give you that fresh, bridal glow.
  • Eye makeup is very individual to the bride. My top tip here is to use an eyeshadow primer to ensure it stays all day. If your prone to crying then make sure your mascara is waterproof or get Eyelash Extentions which mean mascara is not needed. Much safer! Make sure you place some highlighter under your brow bone to enhance your glow. MAC cream highlighters or High Beam by Benefit are great for this.

  • For your cheeks a lovely peachy/coral blush or pink blush are always a winner. For a glowing cheek Posietint by Benefit is perfect. MAC also do a great range of blushers that have good staying power in a beautiful range of colours. For those coral lovers, like me, Coralista by Benefit is awesome- colour and glow in one.

  • To finish any look off the lip colour you pick needs to match the rest of your makeup. Try on lots of different colours until you find that perfect one. Get a matching lipgloss to add that extra fresh shine. If you go for a long lasting lipstick try it out first as they tend to start to fade on the inside of your lips so you just end up with a strange outline of lipstick left. They also can have odd textures.
Hope this help all you DIY brides-to-be, feel free to contact me for advice- I also provide makeup lessons, for more information visit-

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