SS/11 fashion…..I want that one!

Good morning/afternoon/evening dependent when you are reading this.

I though that it would be a good idea to include some fashion within my blog since makeup finishes off a whole look…..

I am going to use one of the photos from my SS/11 shoot and let you know where we got the clothing from….I totally LOVE this seasons fashion, bringing back the 70’s has never been so fun. And who ever thought you could wear a crochet jumper without looking like a granny!! Bring on ‘I want that one’……

So this photo was taken at a photoshoot that the beautiful Tara Nowy (the model with the dark hair) and myself organised and styled. We had a fabulous team put together- none other than Roy Rogers on hair (SAKS Glasgow), Andrew Moore as our photographer-, makeup a la moi and the models were Tara Nowy-

and Samantha Davidson-

This is not one of the final photos as I am hoping to get them published so can’t put one of those up on here.

We based this shoot on the 70’s trend this spring/summer and here is where we got our clothing from so that you can all invest in those key garments-

Model Tara Nowy-

Top and tan ‘paperbag’ shorts both from ‘Miss Selfridge’, this type of loose shorts are totally HOT this season, flattering and ultimately look very stylish.

Socks and shoes from ‘TopShop’

Model Samantha Davidson-

Orange floral Playsuit from ‘Goodstead’ , her hairband was the waistband from the playsuit that we improvised with.

Kahki sock from ‘Topshop’

Tangerine shoes (the ‘in’ colour of this season) from ‘Miss Selfridge’.

I know lots of you will be cringing at the socks with sandals…….its reminds me of when my mum used to slip on flips-flops to hang the washing out but with her socks still on…ewwwww! However, this season socks with heels is no longer a taboo, go crazy and try it out, contrast colours and have fun.

Ok, so I hope that this has helped all you fashionistas out there….no off you go to buy your 70’s floral prints, paperbag shorts, kit your wardrobe out in tangerine and trial socks with sandals (I get chills just saying that).

Catch you later………..I am off you enjoy the glorious sunshine and print off some photos for my makeup portfolio.



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