Sleepy, grumpy and happy!

Hey all my lovely followers

I am writing this having been up for 22hours, thats what I get for working 2 jobs! Went to nighthift last night at the hospital and then had a lovely bride to makeover for her big day.

After getting lost countless times trying to find Bo’ness I finally made it and had a lovely time making up the beautiful bride, her mum and 2 bridesmaids. Lots of chatter and laughter had by all, wedding days are just soooo exciting! If you want a wedding makeup trial visit my website at for more info. Heading home I got lost even more than the 1st time (this is did realise was even possible) and pretty much drove the whole of the Edinburgh Bypass. Lets just say I was less than amused by the time I finally made it into Edinburgh, not even my GLEE soundtrack could cheer me up. This was when I knew that only one person could help……my amazing friend Leigh.

After being fed chocolate, tea and chocolate tea- this you must all try by the way- a much happier Fiona emerged. I am finally home and now have to choose between an early night or Nightwalk 2011 Glasgow Fashion Show………



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