Sleep deprived but not sun deprived!!

Helloooo on this beautiful sunny day….

Mr Sun has definitly got his hat on, its so beautiful outside! Finished my 12hr nightsift this morning and since getting home have been very productive…. I am currently uploading my 1940’s inspired ‘Pin- Up’ makeup masterclass as requested by you guys and I even made a video showing you how to go from sleep deprived to bright-eyed and bushy tailed. This still needs edited….slightly scared that the youtube world will be able to see my mahoosive eye bags!!

Well this afternoon I am off to the Botanical Gardens with my family, its so beautiful. Here is a pic from my first ever photoshoot- it was taken in the botanics. Thats my younger sis, Naomi! Isn’t she stunning!                                                                               I was hoping that my video would have uploaded by now but I think I will have to leave otherwise I will be late. Watch out of my video on youtube though because I will leave it publishing…its a 83% just now….ooohhh exciting!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial if you manage to watch it….leave me comments please, they are very helpful!

Hugs, sun and arched eye-brows

Fiona xx


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