Fresh, fresh, fresh…..


I have uploaded my ‘sleep deprived to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’ makeup masterclass onto YouTube where you get to see me looking my very worst….. without makeup on (apart from what was left after a 12hr nightshift and lots of tired eye-rubbing). The bags under my eyes are crazy big and very black!! Anyhoo….this masterclass will teach all you hard workers out there how to look like you have had 10hrs sleep when you have had none at all! I reveal my top tips and fav products to create a fresh-faced glow. There is even a before and after photo at the end of the video…..the before one is dead embarrassing!!!

Well enjoy……

On a different note I had a great time at a photoshoot for ‘Stumpet’s’ new collection of adorable hats today! Makeup was very vintage, Matt flawless skin, 1940’s flick with a gorgeous dark cherry lip! I am already very excited about the photos from today……. the look was inspired by the stunning Maggie Gyllenhaal as seen below.


Hugs and fresh faces

Fiona xx


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