Well what an exciting day! A stunning Alexander McQueen/Sarah Burton wedding dress, thousands of people, beautiful makeup and a royal wedding! I was eagerly awaiting what Kate would have as her makeup for her special day and I had made a few predictions…….my main one being that it would be a la Grace Kelly…..I was almost right. Her flawless glowing complexion was enhanced with a hint of rouge blush. She mixed a sophisticated grey eyeshadow with a nude lip- truly beautiful! I was so sure that she would go for a strong lip but they were quite the opposite. I will be making a makeup masterclass for all you brides-to-be showing how to re-create Kate’s wedding day makeup. So watch this space.

Awwww how I wish I was the makeup artist for her wedding day, how amazing would that have been. A girl can dream…….

  I want a tiara like this one. In fact I want to be a princess!!

Hugs and royal makeup

Fiona xx


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