I’m Back….

Yay…… 4 shifts finished in the reality that is my nursing. Now for makeup artist moi to re-surface! Hello!

I am so so so excited today because I am going shopping for new makeup for my kit, I will be making a video when I get home to show you guys all my new amazing products, cant wait! Going to be hitting Harvey Nichols for some ‘Lip Stick Queen’, MAC, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier and NARS…OOOOooo I am getting all giddy just thinking about it.

Hope that you are all finding my tips and products of the day helpful…let me know! Also if you would like me to try out any makeup and let you know what I think then leave a comment.

This is about as close to modeling in front of a camera as I am going to get- thats my hand with the blusher brush. We were re-creating a photo of Kate Moss that was featured in Vogue but with our own style to it. Model is the gorgeous Tara Nowy (Superior Model Agency), Hair- Naomi Henderson. The blusher brush is by Body Shop and is amazing, i have had it like forever and its still super, super soft- this is why I have included this photo so that I can recommend this brush to you guys!

Lets go shopping!



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