Dark and Dangerous….

Here are 2 pictures from a photoshoot that I did recently with the very talented photographer, Trisha Ward! Pleasure to work with- chatty, fun and excellent at what she does……check her out here

The model was Beth Ramsey http://www.modelmayhem.com/2114262. Lovely model and hard working. The makeup for this photoshoot was very natural. I knew that these photos were going to be in black and white so I used lots of contouring under the cheekbones for added definition and highlighted the undereye area, top of cheekbones, down the centre of her nose, the inside corner of the eyes and under the brow bone. A neutral skin tone eyshadow was applied to the eyelid and lots of mascara was put on to define the eyes. Beth already has a lovely dark line around the outside of her eyes so I did not need to apply any eyeliner! A darker lip colour was applied so that it would show up bold once turned into black and white. For Beth’s hair we LOVED the edgy fringe so kept it and just messed up the rest of her hair with straightners and lots of hairspray!

Tres, tres happy with how these turned out!!!


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