Cocktail party makeup….


Well our flat cocktail party was a massive success, met some lovely people, lots of amazing cocktails and crazy dancing at the end of the night thanks to the younger ones…..

We spent the night making up our own cosmopolitans, pina coladas and my favourite, the MUDSLIDE- Kahlua, Baileys, Vodca, Milk and Chocolate Sauce. Mmmmm…heaven!

My favourite makeup from the night was my sister’s. She had on a lovely bronzed base, neutral eyes with the all important false eyelashes and a coral lippy to finish off the look. The coral lipstick is the MAC one ‘Gotta Dash’ that I feature in my new makeup youtube video-

Here is a pic from the party. She had on the most gorgeous Grecian dress on in a turquoise colour  that contrasted with the lip colour beautifully! This was what Naomi calls her ‘casual’ look, ha ha she makes me laugh. She looks stunning!


I also loved my flatmates makeup. Same idea as Naomi’s……but she went for an amazing red lip! Its was all about the bright lipstick last night, I think that I am slowly converting everyone to bright lips for summer!! Yay….taking over the world one bright lippy at a time. Alison had a flawless pale complexion (pale is beautiful), just mascara on her eyes and then the sexy red lipstick to finish her look off. A definite hit at the party! Oo la la…….

Merci, to everyone who could make the party, fabby night!

Hugs and cosmos



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