I went to ‘Shakeaway’ for the first time ever, thanks to my gorgeous friend- Miss Herrod-Taylor soon to be Mrs Cormack!! Its awesome….for those of you who have never heard of it, shakeaway is now my fav place in the world where anything can be made into a milkshake!!! I had aftereight, wispa and white maltesers!! There was hundreds of things to choose from though- wham bars, bounty, banoffee muffins, jelly tots…………mmmmm!

In the words of my Dad- “Fiona you have like 16 jobs, no wonder you are so busy” and he is right, I never stop! But, then again that’s how I enjoy life, otherwise I would just be twiddling my thumbs……..

Ok……let me think…..since I last updated you guys my life has been working in the neonatal unit, many, many wedding makeup trials (I had 5 people in 1 weekend) , organising my trip around the world, trying to write my 5000 word essay (this still has not happened), finalising my friends hen do plan and travelling to Devizes which is where I am now for her hen weekend! And…..obviously trying out lots of makeup products so that I can tell you guys what is the best to buy! I update my product of the day page on my blog everyday so remember to check it out!

I am planning on blogging and making lots of makeup masterclasses whilst I am away travelling the world..was thinking of doing ‘Around the world in 80 makeup looks’! What do you think about this……anyone have a better idea??? Please click yes or no in my poll or leave me a comment below or on my facebook page- fionahendersonmakeup.

Currently editing my makeup masterclass on how to do your makeup in 5-10mins and still look glam! I wish someone had taught me this, its taken me years to perfect it! You guys can check out my youtube channel at If tu aime please subscribe.

Hugs and yummy milkshakes!

Fiona xx






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