Ladybirds, Lady Gaga, NAKED palette and foundation mishaps…..

Hi Everyone!

Well thats me back from Cardiff for my friends fab hen do! So much fun had…..we dressed the bride-to-be as a ladybird, check out her sexy makeup that I did-

We also had the presence of Lady Gaga!!!! To create this look here are the makeup products that I used-

For the blue lightning bolt I used GOSH  electric blue extreme eyeliner (the one 3rd from right). This stuff works really well but be warned it’s really difficult to get off, lots of scrubbing involved! Naomi’s eyes were also lined with this blue eye liner.

For the lips the bright pink was courtesy of MAC. The colour is called ‘Lickable’. Definitly one of my favourites!

Eyelure Girls Aloud Lashes (Kimberley). Where would Lady Gaga be without false eyelashes…….! Lash Architect 4D by Loreal was used before applying the ‘falsies’


Whilst away in Cardiff I finally managed to get my hand on the Urban Decay ‘NAKED’ palette that I have been looking for, for ages!!! I love it so much, I felt like my christmas and birthday had all come at once! You get 12 different eyeshadows ranging from a beautiful nude colour to every brown imaginable and then a grey and a black. They are matte and sparkly so can be used for every occasion. You even get a brush and eyeshadow primer with this palette. I am so excited to do a makeup masterclass and use my new eyeshadows……….

During my weekend away we also went for a wee visit to Bath to look for wedding shoes. However, I can never stay away from makeup and whilst trying out some foundation this is what happened to me-

Hope that everyone had a good weekend!!!

Hugs and kisses

Fiona xx


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