Published work but a sad face…..

Well I have had my work published again in the ‘Best Scottish Weddings’ magazine summer 2011 issue but sadly no credit has been given. This makes me have a sad face because I worked really hard on photoshoot that day and its now difficult to prove that the makeup was in fact done by myself. Grrrr……….this industry annoys me sometimes!

Here are the pics of the magazine. Go buy it and then just stop randomers on the street and say ‘Fiona Henderson did thatmakeup’ hee hee. I shall have to promote myself…….


The left side is the photoshoot that I did!

On the plus side my fav wedding dress designer Rowanjoy was featured in this issue- thats one of her beautiful dresses on the contents page!  Check out her other wedding dresses at Samantha Davidson, a lovely model who I have had the pleasure of working with before was also featured in one of the main photoshoot of this issue. Well done!!


Fiona x


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