My makeup kit!!!

Bonjour!!! Yes, apparently today I am feeling rather french.

Here are pics of most of my makeup kit after I had set up ready to do someones prom makeup. I have sooooooo…much makeup and I am starting to wonder how I am going to travel around the world with all of it. I don’t want leave it all behind, it will be like losing a limb!


I am so so excited as yesterday I bought a new foundation to trial, its coming for the U-S-OF-A so I haven’t got it yet but I am eagerly awaiting it!!!! It is called HD creme foundation by Graftobian. They do these fabulous foundation palettes that have been split into 3 categories- cool, neutral and warm so dependent on your skin tone you can choose the right palette. They also do all the foundation colours in singular palettes which is what I have got. I wanted to trial 1 before I got  a whole palette with 6 different colours in………..I will let you know how I get on but from the reviews this foundation gives you unbelievably perfect skin!!!!!

I have a really busy weekend coming up- I am doing makeup for a wedding tomorrow. The gorgeous bride has booked me out for most of her wedding day so that I can touch up her makeup throughout the day to make sure that she stays looking perfect! For wedding prices please visit my website-

Then on Sunday I have a photoshoot with Andrew Moore, as the photographer and Neil Barton, as the hair stylist. I actually don’t know who the model is yet or what makeup I am going to be doing- it is going to be a surprise on the day. I love spontaneity so this suits me! I shall bring you some behind the scenes footage from both days………

After the photoshoot I am driving down to Newcastle to drop off the 1st load of baby/childrens clothes that have kindly been donated to me by my work colleagues. Whist I am away on my travels I am going back to Arusha in Tanzania where I spent 6 weeks during my nursing training 4 years ago. It was in Arusha that I fell in love with the children in an orphanage called ‘Paradiso’ that I discovered within the slum near the house that we were staying in. It has always been my dream to re-visit this orphanage and try and set up something more permanent for them and help them to become self sustaining. A few of the girls who were out there with me at the same time set up a bank account for the orphanage that we could continue to donate into through fundraising whilst back here in the UK. It is with these kind donations that foundations have been built for a new orphanage!!!! Hopefully I can help get the new home up and running, and all the wonderful clothes that everyone is donating are going to be appreciated so much by the children! Anyway, I have a very kind friend whose job means that he visits Tanzania often and he has offered to start taking out loads of clothes with him and leave them in a house there for me when I get there!! So, the first load is ready to go!!! Thanks guys!!! Here is the link to the ‘Paradiso’ Orphanage website where you can find out some more info-

Ok, so I have slightly divulged  from my usual makeup banter but this is mega important to me so I feel it should feature in my blog!!!

‘Around the world in 80 makeup looks’  is a winner!!! This is what I am going to be blogging about and doing makeup masterclasses on throughout  my worldly travels…..subscribe to my blog to keep updated on this!

Phew!!! Thats a really long blog, sorry guys!!!

Anyway hope that you got a bit more of an insight into my busy little life…….. xx



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