Fabulous beach makeup!

I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer…….that is when it finally arrives!! Edinburgh seems to have forgotten what summer is and just skipped to Autumn. Go away rain and clouds please. Anyway, in 2 weeks I am heading to sunny France so will be attempting to look glamourous on the beach- something I have never quite achieved, despite being a makeup artist.  Beach makeup is all about the pastels this summer, however if I put the makeup on that the girl in the picture above has, it would definitly be halfway down my face within about an hour of sunbathing and swimming in the sea. So……here are my top tips for looking fabulous on the beach this summer.

1. Don’t, I repeat, don’t wear foundation unless you have to. Sweat and foundation are not a good mix, plus heavy foundation and sun are not flattering on anyone! If your skin needs some covering use a lighter base like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser or No 7 Tinted Moisturiser. For that extra glow mix  in a small amount of a bronzing gel like Body Shop ‘Honey Bronze’ or Benefit ‘Talk to the Tan’.



Hopefully after step 1 is undertaken your face will look like this- Lauren Conrad shows off what I believe to be the perfect beach look! Understated but still glam!


2. For you cheeks use a cheek tint or creme blusher- these are less likely to be sweated off like powder. I love both ‘Posietint’ and ‘Benetint’ by Benefit. Alternatively, if these are slightly out of your price bracket then 2true do a range of cheek tints for A LOT cheaper. For the creme blusher MAC have a beautiful range in all colours and so does Maybelline. These take practice to apply and can often look slightly harsh, if this happens just take a sponge and soften the edges. My favourite colour whilst on the beach is a soft pink or apricot.




3. To define your eyes use a gel eyeliner, these are a lot more water proof than pencils and other liquid eyeliners. Go for a brown one to look ‘au natural’. MAC, Bobbi Brown and Mabelline all do gel eyeliners. I can’t live without my MAC one, it stays on for ages! Instead of using mascara get your eyelashes tinted and if you fancy going ‘all out’ get eyelash extensions as well. This means that you avoid the panda eyes after going swimming in the sea because you don’t have to wear any mascara.


4. No beach look would be finished without glossy lips! I am loving L’oreal Glam Shine lip glosses just now, there are so many colours to choose from. There is a new ‘Fresh’ range perfect for summer, when I first saw the yellow one I was in the airport and just had to try it on. It’s kinda gold once on your lips so would look fab with a tan. Clinique also have gorgeous ‘Chubby Sticks’ which are tinted lip balm pencils that look amazing on and hydrate your lips at the same time, BONUS!



5. To ensure that our nails remain in fashion- very important- paint them a fabulous pastel colour or go the opposite and paint them bright orange! My fav nail varnish just now is BarryM ‘Nail Paint’. It goes on really easily and stays put…….



Right, well I am off to do my sun dance…….





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