Thee best foundation……….

Hey dude and dudettes (ok, so more likely to be dudettes)!


I am awesomely, mega, mega, MEGA excited to present my new favourite foundation……drum roll please……..




I have been trying out lots of foundations to find the perfect one for my friends wedding makeup and this is my winner! I actually love the whole Chanel Lumiere range and was torn between the new ‘Vitalumiere Aqua’ foundation that is 1 step up from a tinted moisturiser. A beautiful, light foundations that provides a flawless and glowing base for summer. However, for that perfect wedding look I feel that the foundation should give a decent coverage and thats what ‘pro lumiere’ does. Its a medium coverage foundation, although trust me, it doesn’t feel or look like you have any foundation on. My skin was glowing and I hate to admit it but I didn’t even have to use my ‘Touch eclat’ under my eyes because this foundations covered and reflected light perfectly. As some of you will know I really don’t like that shiny look that some foundations give and I am a big fan of setting powders…..but with this amazing foundation my skin was instantly matt but still glowing, dewy but not shiny. Plus, this foundation lasted all night! I went to salsa, danced for 2 hours, went for drinks and then walked home in the rain and I still looked radiant- AWESOME!!!!!!

This foundation is perfect for weddings as it looks great in daylight but it is also designed for makeup artists to use on photoshoots so will also look great in your wedding pics. I love it, definitely a must have for this season!

Lots of love and dewy skin



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