Beautiful bride! My favourite wedding day makeup products.

I love a good wedding. I have just returned from my friends wedding where I had the most amazing time and the bride was glowing all day! I thought it would be helpful for all you brides out there who are going to be doing your own makeup to show you what products I used for doing my friends wedding day makeup…….. That way you can achieve this gorgeous look for your wedding day. DIY makeup masterclass on Youtube to follow.

Primer- Ladies, prime your skin prior to putting on your foundation. This will ensure you have a perfect base for putting your foundation onto plus it is going to give your makeup extra lasting power! For Lydia’s wedding I used ‘That Gal’ primer by Benefit (great for young skin and skin that’s slightly oily). I also love MAC Prep and Prime and for a pricier primer, Laura Mercier Primer.

Foundation- I used Pro Lumiere by Chanel. This foundation has already featured in my blog in the post named ‘Thee Best Foundation’ so check that out for more information.

Powder- You want your makeup to stay put all day and also you definitely don’t want to look shiny on your wedding day so use a powder. If you are looking for a matte finish then use a heavier powder like ‘Hello Flawless’ by Benefit. Be careful on your wedding day if you have dry skin though as heavy powder will highlight this! I used Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Powder, this is the finest powder EVER!!! It sets your makeup but doesn’t stop you glowing. This powder is also completely invisible on the skin.

Eyeshadow- Again prime your eyelids so that your eyeshadow can stay on all day. I used Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion, this stuff is like glue for eyeshadow!! For a glowing bride look I used a mix of the Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadow palette and MAC eyeshadows. I kept the eyelid light with beautiful shimmery pearl colours and then added a brown to the crease line for definition.

Eyeliner- I love creme eyeliners like MAC Fluidline. I used Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC so that the eyeliner stayed put all day. DON’T put this on your lower lashline though, it’s too harsh. I only used this for defining the upper lash line. For a cheaper alternative Maybelline now have a version of this creme eyeliner. Using a black eyeliner may sound extreme if you are going for the ‘natural’ bride look…but… will show up better in your photographs.

Eyebrows- Go and get your eyebrows shaped before your wedding, having neat eyebrows is really key to a wide eyed look. On your wedding day make sure you define your brows, I used Brow Zings by Benefit but a brown eyeshadow will also do the same job.

Mascara- Waterproof is a must or use L’oreal Double Ended Beauty Tubes. I love this mascara, it has awesome staying power, you can honestly wear it for 3 days without taking it off and it will look the same. If you do cry and rub your eyes this mascara wont smudge, it will just come off in handy tubes. However, if you can manage to cry and not touch your eyes this mascara wont budge.

Blusher- I love MAC blusher for weddings as the colours are so beautiful. I used ‘Peach’ blush to achieve a healthy looking apricot glow.

Highlighter- to enhance the glow I used MAC creme highlighter in ‘Pearl’ on the cheekbones and under the brow bone. Don’t go over the top with this, just where light naturally catches.

Lipstick- Find a lipstick that matches the rest of your makeup and skin tone perfectly as this will really finish off the look. Bobbi Brown do lovely creme lipsticks that leave your lips feeling soft and moisturised. I used Laura Mercier ‘Dry Rose’ lipstick on my friends wedding day, such a stunning colour that we kept close at all times to re-apply throughout the day. I am not a huge fan of lipsticks that stay put for hours on end as they always end out having a very strange texture. I would rather just re-apply, it takes seconds.


One thought on “Beautiful bride! My favourite wedding day makeup products.

  1. I could not have wished for a better make-up artist! She knew my skin, had done other previous make-up trials on me, came with me to a wedding show which followed on with a wedding make-up trial with Laura Mercier from where Fiona purchased the lipstick that she used.
    She only needed to top up my make-up once throughout the day, and that was after the reception and all the photos had been taken! The top-up was very minimal as the make-up she used was off such good quality and she has the experience to apply it.
    It was a very beautiful day, and I enjoyed it all the more as I wasn’t constantly worried my face was falling off!

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