New from Strumpet…….love love love!!

Hey Everyone

As some of you will already know I am a huge fan of Strumpet hats and I am now very excited to introduce to you guys the cutest Peter Pan collars arounds……..

These gorgeous collars are even reversible!!!!


I am doubly excited though over the new Tallulah Ankle Spats that Strumpet have created and I am predicting that these are going to be huge this Autumn, I know that I will definitely be getting my hands some some of these!!!


To purchase these items or one of Kitty and Wanda’s vintage hats visit-   These cute Tallulah Ankle Spats will be added to the online shop soon so watch out………

I love being the makeup artist for Stumpet photoshoots, always a lot of fun and amazing images as a result of hard work. To learn how to create this vintage 1940’s look watch my youtube makeup masterclass-

lots of love and vintage glamour

Fiona xxx



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