Sand, sea, smoke flares, army men, models and makeup!!!

So the other day I was part of a fabby photoshoot that involved the biggest team that I have ever worked with. Thanks to Mike Byrne , the amazing photographer on the day who organised the whole shoot and managed the huge team so well, this shoot was a massive success! Here is a little insight into the events of the day and all the work that went into creating the end product…….

Getting ready……… there were 4 models involved in the shoot so the hairstylist and moi (the makeup artist) had our work cut out to make the girls look like they were from the 1940’s! If you would like to know how to create a 1940’s look check out my makeup tutorial here. Below is model Ashleigh Bradshaw ( Colours Model Agency) and Sophie Laidlaw- awesomest hairstylist ever and my makeup kit. As you can tell I am a very tidy makeup artist….Not! Its honestly impossible to be tidy after doing makeup on 1 model let alone 4.


So the photoshoot took place on the beach and bearing in mind we were in Scotland and its was September, the weather was freezing! So the girls were well wrapped up………here is Taz Nowy (Superior Model Agency), in the latest fashion- a dressing gown with matching denim wool coat. Don’t you agree that she still rocks this look!!!!??? Some of you will recognise Taz from my Strumpet Photoshoots.



Once we got to the beach Jess was finishing off the prosthetic makeup to make the army men look like they had been wounded in battle. This girl is so talented and the war wounds looked really believable!

Taz braving the cold, winter weather in a stunning vintage swimsuit with the army men in the background along the skyline. Our brilliant stylist, Karla Von Denkoff  was ready at all times with a warm jacket or dressing gown for the models in between shots and set changes.


Another shot of the girls…..brrrrrrr. Not even the smoke flare, that can been seen in the background, warmed them up. Elaine Ford (Manequin Model Agency), can been seen in this behind the scenes pic with Taz Nowy.

A shot of some of the team on the beach at work and the whole team after we had finished the shoot! Such a fun shoot in spite of the cold weather and sandy makeup brushes!



Hope this has given you guys a wee insight into a day in the life of a makeup artist.



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