Around the world in 80 makeup looks….

Phew! I finally made it to London with my many, many bags. Completely over-estimating how strong I was…… I need to re-think my packing again before I leave for my 1st destination- Sanfransico! I think that my makeup kit is contributing to the crazy weight of my bag….but its all essential!! I shall have to say goodbye to a few more items of clothing.

So, I will be bringing you makeup tips and tutorials from around the world whilst I am away traveling. My aim is for 80 makeup looks……

Here is where I am travelling- Sanfransico, Las Vegas, L.A., NYC, Philidelphia, Toronto, Montreal, Cape Town up to Durban along the scenic garden route, Tanzania, Bejing, Hong Kong, Xian, Shanghai, Vietmam, Laos, Thailand, Australia and then hopefully at some point New Zealand, Japan and India! Wow!!! I am going to be able to bring you guys LOADS of inspired makeup looks!

Well, I am exhausted after getting an overnight bus from Edinburgh to London and then navigating 2 tubes and a train with my crazy bags. I even had a doctor on one of the tubes tell me she was worried for me carrying such heavy bags. Think I need a wee nap now, and I definitly need a shower……

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