Hey!!! From LA!!!

Hey everyone.

Sorry for the serious lack in makeup blogging over the last 2 weeks but I embarked on my travels around the world and have been super busy getting into the swing of living out a backpack, hiking, not getting to shower and worst of all not getting to make any makeup tutorials for you guys!!! Well, I am now back for good! After writing this blog I am off to make numero 1 of 80 makeup tutorials and this one is going to be inspired by the ‘golden coast’.

I spent today being very productive……..in Sephora along Hollywood Boulevard!! I spent hours trying out all the makeup and had to tear myself away before buying anything new……I honestly can’t carry anything else in my bags!! I was trying out Makeup Forever HD foundation and its fab!!! Totally fell in love with the texture and the finish. There are tonnes of shades to choose from as well so you really can’t go wrong!


I also am in love with the Makeup Forever HD blusher. It comes out a liquid, blends so beautiful into your skin and dries instantly giving you a gorgeous and natural glow…..I will be investing in this before I leave the USA and leaving behind something to make space for it.

I also had tonnes of fun painting my nails in Sephora! All different colours with Illamasqua Nail Varnish (awesome) and then finishing off with my new fav nail product- OPI Jewel topcoat!!! I used both the silver and gold for super sparkly nails! Very glitz and glam……..

Check out my nails, soooo pretty!!!!


Ooooooo…….EXCITING NEWS!!!! I got published not once but TWICE in the newest issue of the online fashion magazine- Slave. Check out issue 4 pp98-105 & pp132-139! Yay!!!!!

Well, I had best be off!

Love Fiona x




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