1920’s halloween!!

Hey everyone

I have been busy, busy in NYC visiting Sephora, trying out sooooo much makeup, going to makeup social evenings, organising photoshoots and most importantly deciding on my halloween costume for this year……..

………bring on the 1920’s flapper!!! I love the dark, smoldering eyes, elongated eyebrows and small dark red lips that were all characteristics of the 1920’s.


I also love the feathered headbands and pearl necklaces, I have even added in a feather boa and some gloves to my costume………. I can’t wait to re-create this makeup for halloween. I will do a youtube tutorial for you guys as well so that you can also create this fabulous look!

I was out at Makeup Forevers Pro Social Halloween night yesterday and couldn’t resist buying a few ‘must have’ makeup products (there was 40% discount and it was too much for me to resist). I finally got my HD makeup forever primer, this stuff is AWESOME! It smells like apricot and leave your face feeling amazing and ready for your foundation to be applied perfectly. I tried mine out this morning and my foundation is still on………

I also invested in some HD foundation that I have been wanting for AGES!! Perfect for day wear and for photoshoots this foundation honestly melts into your face and feels like you are not wearing anything. I love it! For a flawless complexion that leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy this is the foundation for you, it also has awesome staying power, even in the rain. Tried and tested today as the weather in NYC sucked!

Finally I also got HD blush in #14, its so beautiful and easy to apply. Its a liquid blush that blends super duper well to create a flawless flushed and glowing look!!! This is my favourite productssince arriving in America, I am in complete and utter love with it!

I will definitly be using these to create my 1920’s makeup!!! I also got a free complementary gift (its a hard life), 2 lipsticks and a mascara. The lipsticks are awesome colours, bright pink and bright red and the mascara is their new Aqua Smoky Lash. I did my makeup this morning using all my new products!!

I LOVE the red lipstick, such a beautiful colour!

love Fiona


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