Hot news….shocking finding!!!!

OK, you guys need to brace yourselves…..are you ready for my new and shocking finding?????

I have discovered an under-eye concealer/highlighter that I love as much as Touche Eclat! Yes, you heard me right, I can’t believe it either!! After years of trying out other concealer/highlighters and always being disappointed and resorting back to the pricey Touche Eclat I have finally found the impossible (although now the possible), and cheaper -although still not a bargain- alternative………….

……meet Givenchy Mister Light

This concealer/highlighter has a fab consistency, its really light to apply and blends really well. It covers my dark circles really well and has awesome light reflecting properties!! I highly recommend trying out this makeup product for yourself, be prepared though to have your ‘Touche Eclat ways’ changed forever though.

Givenchy also have another few products in this range that I also tried out and really liked-

Mister Bright- a really pretty and shimmery highlighter, easily blended and reflects light very well (yes, i know it looks totally the same as the Mister Light)

Mister Radiant– a gel like substance with highlighter and bronzing beads that pop when you mix it onto your face to give you a very natural glow!


Let me know if I have converted any of you Touche Eclat addicts out there…….

Fiona xx


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