Inglot makeup review!

Hello makeup lovers!

Yesterday I spent about 3 hours in the NYC Inglot store having the best time ever!!! Trying to pick 10 eyeshadows for my palette, out of the hundreds of colours that they had there was virtually impossible….I wanted them all!! The colour selection provided by Inglot is the largest that I have ever seen and they have matt, shimmer and glitter versions of most colours. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and you get a good amount for the cost. You can make eyeshadow palettes with 3, 5, 10, 20 & 40 eyeshadows in, price ranging up to about $200. If you are makeup artist you can get a pro card which entitles you to 20% off! Each eyeshadow is $5, if you have your own magnetic palette at home. Finally I managed to pick out these 10 colours, my decision was swayed by the fact tomorrow I am doing makeup for a photoshoot where I am encorporating gold leaf into the makeup, so I wanted shimmery golden, orange and green toned eyeshadows.

I got these eyeshadows, how pretty, pretty are they? –

Right 1- Pearl 395

Right 2- AMC Shine 09

Right 3- AMC Shine 25

Right 4- Pearl 404

Right 5- Pearl 406

Left 1- Pearl 403

Left 2- AMC Shine 06

Left 3- AMC Shine 49

Left 4- Pearl 412

Left 5- AMC Shine 44

I also made a lipstick palette ranging from nude to pinks and a dark cherry! Check out my awesome cameral skills, hee hee.


Here are the numbers that I chose for the lipstick palette- 24,32,50,65,85 (each lip stick $4)

Again Inglot does lipsticks in every shade imaginable! They smell really nice and feel moisturising on your lips. Here are some of the other products that I tried out-

I love the single lipsticks, hundreds of shades, easy to apply and they feel really nice on. I preferred the matt ones to the shimmer ones and my fav shade was the1st one below-225. They also do a sleeker version of the lipsticks but with less colour choice. (Lipsticks $12)



Inglot also have pots of lip paint, I was not as keen on these though. They as super moisturising but look very heavy and fake on your lips.

Now this is a really exciting product by Inglot…….a really cool lipgloss that changes colour depending on the direction that you apply it! How super duper awesome is that!! They are sooooo pretty!


I couldn’t wait to try out all my new makeup so here is me today…..I have gone for the green/golds to complement my hazel eye colour and then I mixed the nude and light pink lipstick together for my lips.

Have a lovely day!

Fi x



6 thoughts on “Inglot makeup review!

  1. fiona …i came across your blog yesterday thru beautylish ….you are really wonderful,inspiring and talented …so sincere that just like someone from us- it s really a great pleasure to watch your videos /tutorials and also read your comments …hope we have more of your videos ….

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