Makeup for sick days

Well I woke up this morning and my cold has finally beaten me… put it bluntly I feel aweful! After dosing up on a few episode of Supernatural and a few cups of tea I have decided to get out my bed and write a blog with some helpful makeup tips for sick days.

I don’t really like to wear makeup when I am sick so I am very excited that today I can put on my new Garnier BB Cream and instantly feel better without feeling like I am wearing makeup. I love, love, love this new ‘miracle’ cream, it does EVERYTHING! Moisturises all day long, covers blemishes, prevents blemishes, contains SPF, evens out skin tone and honestly makes your skin look all glowy and amazing. Plus it smells AWESOME!! I was sold as soon as I smelled it……

There are lots of BB Creams beginning to appear on the market so experiment and find one that you love….I will certainly be getting a few more and reviewing them for you guys….

I have MAHOOSIVE black circles under my eyes right now, one of the many joys of being unwell so I am heavily relying on Touche Eclat right now. Any undereye concealer/highlighter is a definite ‘must have’ for me when I am sick so that I can pretend to be more awake and bright eyed than I am. Its all an illusion……

Bronze, bronze and bronze some more to get a ‘pretend’ glow. I blend bronzer around the outside of my face- temple, cheek bones and jawline to achieve this, leaving the centre of my face bronzer free. I like to use Hydra-bronze by Cargo which is a hydrating bronzer, it is very light in texture and doens’t just ‘sit’ on the skin like other powder bronzers. A mineral bronzer will have a similar effect.

For my lips I like to smother them in vaseline…..there is nothing better. For a touch of colour you can use the tinted vaseline.

Hope this is helpful for any sick days.





2 thoughts on “Makeup for sick days

  1. Hello,

    Oh no, being sick sucks. I hope you get well soon! I like your tips in this entry… I hate it when I’m sick too, and just want to stay at home all day and not go out at all. Makeup really is a girl’s great friend! 😉


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