The secret to perfect skin…..shhhhh

I have some awesome news guys…. Chanel have just launched a new version of their Pro Lumiere foundations which you might know I was in complete and utter love with!! The new foundation taking its place have been rightly named …drum roll please….Perfection Lumiere. I am completely taken by the model for the Chanel advert, she has one of the most amazing side profiles I have ever seen!

My flatmate, Ali, and myself went foundation shopping the other day and instantly after trying on the new Chanel foundation realised that it was the best thing since sliced bread- well since Pro Lumiere. Dewy, with no shine, and great coverage without feeling heavy or clogging up pores this product is the ‘creme de la creme’ of foundations. What makes it even better than the Pro Lumiere is it comes in 20 shades and has a gorgeous pale shade with a pink undertone for all us pale scottish individuals. The Pro Lumiere foundation was heavily based on yellow undertones.

The makeup artist at the Chanel counter in Edinburgh Jenners was super helpful and really made our shopping trip very enjoyable….. we even found out she had worked at Paris Fashion Week….Jealous? Slightly. She even put up with our faulty gift card and spent about 20minutes trying to get it to work. Thankyou ‘Chanel girl’ (since I don’t know her name, this is the original nickname I came up with).

Perfection Lumiere has 1 major con- it is going to cost you £36!! Ouch, I know….However I fully believe that this every day foundation is worth every penny and a little goes long way! I am not saying that if you have a spot that needs to be covered then this foundation is going to make it disappear, but thats not what foundation is for. Add a touch of concealer to the blemish and then use this foundation on top for the perfect coverage.

Here is Alison’s review (my flatmate has been using the foundation for a few days now)-

‘ I love it! My skin looks amazing and all I have on today is my Perfection Lumiere and a touch of blusher. Plus this foundation smells gorgeous.’

Alison is right- if I walked past her on the street I would honestly think that she had natural beautiful, glowing skin. You can’t even tell that Alison has foundation on at all. Is this not what we always want to achieve when wearing foundation. Perfect coverage without looking like you are wearing any foundation??




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