Gold Leaf Photoshoot.


I realised that you guys have never seen the finished photos from my gold leaf shoot that I blogged about whilst I was in New York. So here they are……I loved working with the gold leaf, although it is rather fiddly and pretty much does what it wants so you have to apply it strategically. I found that using a wet brush was easiest for applying and a small amount of oil on the skin helped the gold leaf to stay in place. 

For Kate’s makeup I used Make Up Forever HD foundation in #117 and was so amazed by how well it reflected light and photographed. These photos barely needed editing. Use this foundation for an instant flawless complexion in front of the camera. Her eyeshadow was a mix of Inglot, Urban Decay ‘Half Baked’ and MAC Gold pigment and black gel Maybelline eyeliner along the top lashline was applied. A coat of Lash Architect 4D Mascara was used to finish off the look. The gold eyeshadow worked perfectly with Kate’s blue eyes and really made the colour ‘pop’! MAC ‘Fever’ blusher was used on the cheeks and Inglot lipstick in #50 was used on the lips. I love this pink colour, highly pigmented and so pretty!!!!



Atim has the most amazing skin EVER, the light absolutely loved her as you can see from the photos below. I used MAC gold pigment all over Atim’s eyelids and also took it down her cheekbones and on other areas of her face that the light would catch, this acted as a highlighter. I also used Urban Decay ‘Half Baked’ eyeshadow to blend out the gold pigment. I also took the gold pigment over Atim’s lips. She was a gold –goddess!!! The gold chains around her head was actually a vintage Chanel necklace…… we just got a bit creative.


Hugs and gold leaf

Fiona x


6 thoughts on “Gold Leaf Photoshoot.

  1. Hello,
    i’m interested in using your photos for my 24k Gold Skin Care Company, Beauty in your hands.
    We plan on using it for posters, booklets, flyers, etc.
    We’re wondering whether you’d allow this & on what conditions/price?

    Please respond asap!

    Thanks heaps,

  2. I was wondering where did you get your gold leafs for your makeup? I want to make a gold face/eye mask, but the gold leafs I’ve kept finding was for house decors and I’m not sure if that’s safe for using on ones skin. Also what tips do you recommend for applying them on and taking them off as well?

  3. Hey Fiona,
    I used one of the pictures in your piece above in a post, and traced it back here.
    I just wanted to ask/say:
    1) Is that ok with you? Wouldn’t want to steal anything from you
    2) How can I link back to you best? To this post perhaps? Because the pictures are great
    3) This looks great. I know jack-shit about make-up, but this looks really cool. Has a real ancient feel to it, like Egyptian relics in a red-velvet old-world Study.

    By the way, it’s here:

    And by the way 2: I ended up on this photo, because the reader that asked the original question does Marketing for Inglot at their headquarters in Poland 🙂

    Keep up the great painting – you’re a true artist!

    – Roshan

    • Hi Roshan

      Thank you for the message, I really appreciate that you are check with me in regards to using that photo. It would be great if you could include in your description of the photo. Makeup by Fiona Henderson Make Up That will then link to my website which would be very useful for anyone that sees the image.

      Great to know how you came across the photo, thanks for informing me. I am always interested as to who is looking at my work, and the potential of where it could get me.

      Kind Regards


      • Hello Fiona,
        Mentioned, linked, and even tagged your FB page in the picture.

        Thanks 🙂

        – Roshan

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