One of my FAVOURITE, ALL TIME brands is the amazing ‘Soap and Glory’, with its super cute, vintage packaging. I have decided that a review of my top products from the extensive range of shampoos’, moisturisers’, exfoliators’ and bath creams is well overdue!!! So, with the help from my awesome friends, Miss Estella and Miss Bella, both avid ‘Soap and Glory’ users and self confessed addicts, we will be bringing you the best of the best!

We have decided to mark these out of 10 points taking into account all aspects of the product- cost, smell, quality……

First up we have the ‘Clean On Me’ creamy clarifying shower gel that states- ‘Yes, you can have it all…..soft, smooth, sexy skin whenever you want it’… what do we think…..


…… a whopping 9/10!!! We all gave this product such a high score because the smell is SO amazing, as Miss Bella says- ‘it’s good enough to eat’. Miss Estella recommends using this shower cream gel before meeting your ‘Mr Darcy’, so that you smell all sexy and are ready to flirt the night away…….. The creamy texture of this shower gel contains moisturiser and leaves your skin super soft, Miss Bella, is convinced that the skin on her arms has really improved and become smooth and even. A little of this product goes a long, long way, making this product well worth the money.

Next to be critiqued is Miss Estella’s favourite product….drum roll please……. ‘PULP FRICTION’ a foamy, fruity body scrub!!


This product gets a phenomenal 10/10 and according to Miss Estella this is the creme de la creme of body scrubs! I quote, ‘It smells delicious, the unusual foamy texture separates this body scrub from others on the market and the exfoliating beads are not too harsh yet leave your skin lovely and soft.’

The body scrubs by ‘Soap and Glory’ really are amazing and I have 2 more that I am in love with and alternate on a regular basis. The first is ‘Some like it HOT’, a scrub that has small thermal beads that burst whilst you exfoliate and make your skin feel all warm…… I love exfoliating with the product, the novelty of the thermal beads surprises me with each use. It also leaves your skin feeling and smelling amazing. The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t last very long as you have to use quite a lot of product and its a bit pricey. For that reason this scrub get a 8/10.

soap and glory some like it hot review

My favourite body scrub from the ‘Soap and Glory’ range is the ‘Scrub em’ and Leave em’’ body buff. This for my gets a 10/10 in the exfoliating category due to the ‘OUT OF THIS WORLD’ smell, great sugary texture and most importantly it leaves your skin amazingly soft. This product lasts a long time as well since you definitely do not need to use it everyday. 3 times per week is perfect.


This next product, Miss Estella pairs with ‘Pulp Friction’……after exfoliating she uses ‘The Righteous Butter’ to moisturise her skin leaving it sinfully soft, supple and smelling AMAZING! Can you see the similarity between all the products? They smell sooooo….good!!


‘Soap and ‘Glory’ describe this product as ‘A body moisturising formula so virtuous you might swear you’re wearing velvet’,  and this is totally true. Miss Estella gives this body butter a 9/10 for its easy application and says that for being such a rich creamy formula it absorbs into the skin really well and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. This is a big tub of moisturiser and will last you a good while!! Quality and quantity, love it!

Say hello to ‘Girligo’, a moisturising spray-on body mist. This product has the same unbelievably gorgeous smell as ‘Clean On Me’, which already puts this  into our ‘must have’ category. If like myself you are often short of time when getting ready in the morning this is the perfect moisturiser for you……just spritz the mist all over your body and give it a quick rub and you are good to go. This product is not sticky or greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. A generous 8/10!!!


For those of you who have dry hands and are in need of some hand TLC, ‘Hand Food’ is the cream for you.


This review comes from another friend of mine, Miss Leyla, who works as a nurse and washes her hands lots and lots… This hand cream gets a super 8/10 and Miss Leyla told me that this is because it although initially the cream feels slightly greasy, one it is rubbed in it absorbs very well and leaves your hand lovely and soft. A big plus is that although this hand cream is fragranced it doesn’t sting when applied to broken areas of skin, for those of your who are nurses you will know that this is a very important factor.

Next week us girlies will be bringing you reviews of the new makeup range by ‘Soap and Glory’, make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss it!!

Lots of love Miss Fifi, Miss Estella, Miss Bella and Miss Leyla. xxxxxxxxx


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