10,000 view give-away!

Hey Everyone!

Makeup Essential Giveaway rules are at the bottom of this blog so read on……competition closes- April 3rd 2012……

Well South Africa is treating me very well, although I have managed to film my makeup tutorial I am having problems uploading it with the internet here. I will persist though!

I have been having an adventure of a lifetime in Cape Town getting to work as a makeup artist for BBC drama, Leonardo. Life throws you amazing opportunities sometimes and I am learning that you must be very open to receiving them. For instance, I was not meant to be working at the Cape Town film studios, but whilst hiking up Table Mountain on my first day I met a lovely girl who was also hiking up alone. We got chatting and it turned out that her brother was the lead actor in the drama and she suggested that I visit the film set with her to see what it is like. So I went with her the next day and decided that if I didn’t speak to the head makeup artist I would be missing out on an amazing opportunity. So…….I spoke to the awesomeness that is Fran, and asked if I could shadow her for the day. Since back in Scotland I only work in the Fashion/Beauty side of makeup being on a film set was a whole new experience. Anyway, Fran said that she could just put me work meaning that I would be getting some hands on experience……I ended up with a weeks worth of experience, AWESOME! I learnt the art of making someone appear dirty (this is honestly rather difficult) and how to make an individual look drunk- here I as introduced to the amazing bruise colour wheel by Ben Nye, I learn something new everyday and had fun being experimental with ‘modern 14th century’ makeup. Here a few snaps from behind the scenes.

Anyway, back to the 10,000 view giveaway….I can’t believe I am there, thankyou so much to every single one of you that has read and supported my blog. Thankyou especially to my subscribers. I shall be giving away a few of what I believe to be makeup essentials to 1 lucky winner!!! The only rule is that you must be following my blog to enter- this is free and you don’t need an account with wordpress, just your email address. So all you need to do to enter is send me an email or leave a comment telling me your MUST HAVE makeup product and why. You can email me at fionahendersonmakeup@gmail.com.

Good luck


Love Fi xx


3 thoughts on “10,000 view give-away!

  1. Heya, loving hearing about your trip around the world, and its so kwl to see your pics of Capetown, as its brought back lots of happy memories of being there. I have many must have makeup products, mainly suggested by you on your how to videos, but one ive got that i found on my own is an avon lipstick its called, avon tinted lip care, ive got the pink and the red, full of moisture and stays for ages. it gives a subtle shade of colour that looks really natural and i love it, other than my honey love for MAC suggested by you the pink avon lipstick is my most used lippy, wishing you lots of fun on your trip, cant wait to hear your next blog and makeup tutorial πŸ™‚

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