I have finally found it………!!!

For years and years I have tried out what feels like hundreds of mascaras, searched high and low for that perfect mascara wand and never found the one……. however, I have finally fallen head over heels in love with Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ waterproof mascara! Its the first mascara that I have re-purchased- that says everything- and I recommend it to everyone!! My sisters use it, my mum bought it the other day, she then went out and bought it for my cousin……the dog will be using it soon its that amazing (although i don’t have a dog so that would be amazing)! Or is it ‘amazeballs’ as the cool kids say these days??



Why do I love this mascara so much you might ask? Well, read on and I will reveal all……..

1. Just look at the shape of that brush, it makes applying mascara to curled lashes so easy, coating all of them evenly. Give your brush a good wiggle from the base of your lash upwards for perfect mascara appliance.

2. The waterproof formula hold a curl forever and DOES NOT come off when you cry, go swimming etc…… tried and tested!

3. It makes your lashes look super duper long and luscious without being clumpy, me likey!

4. It makes applying mascara to the bottom lashes easy ozy…… again just look at the cool brush shape.

5. I don’t have eyelashes that resemble spiders even once I have applied 2 coats! Always a bonus!

Does this mean that I am going to stop trying other new mascaras on the market? No!!! Makeup is always developing and I am sure that before long I will have found another that is ‘the one’……….

Now to find my other ‘one’ of the male variety………



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