100th blog post and some very exciting news!!!

100 posts!!!! Wowee…..!!! Glittery, gold stars to everyone who has followed and supported me……thank you!!!!


So, my EXCITING news is that I am going to be starting a 90 day challenge on the 15th April and I want you guys to join me. The #1 weightloss and fitness challenge in the US is launching here in the UK and I am SUPER EXCITED about it! My 90 day goal is to tone my less than tight tummy and bottom and also run a 10k! Since I can barely run for the bus without huffing and puffing this is going to be a real challenge! What is your 90 day challenge? Lose 10lbs, 20lbs? Drop a dress size? Eat healthier? Run a¬†triathlon?…….. Comment and let me know your goal and leave a contact email/number so I can get back to you with how to take part in the 90 day challenge here in the UK!!! Or email me fionahendersonmakeup@gmail.com. You will be the FIRST when it is launched to try it so jump on board now and look like this by summer-


To find out more you have to click here! 90 DAY CHALLENGE.¬†Go on……you know you want to!!!! Then make sure you get in touch with me to begin your own challenge….


Love Fiona