Beauty BASICS!


Helloooo…. beauty lovers! I have decided that its about time I did a ‘beauty basics’ series on my beauty channel (click here to check it out). My makeup look tutorials are usually 10-15mins long and this is just too long sometimes if you just want quick tips, sooo……. I bring you ‘Beauty 101’, 3-5min tutorials with quick tips on essential makeup application.

First up is a bronzing tutorial, I felt that since there has been a lack of sun here in Scotland this summer it might come in handy, happy watching below! Please comment with tutorials that you would like, I am planning- Flawless foundation, concealing, blusher, contouring and highlighting, eyebrows, mascara and false lashes and perfect lips……… xxxxxxx

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Products used- Georgia by Benefit

CARGO Hydrabronze

Sleek Face Contour Kit

Coralista by Benefit