Finally!!! Around the world in 80 makeup looks has taken off and landed!!!!

Ciao Bella ( Don’t get confused and think I am in Italy right now)

FINALLY I have managed to upload my first 2 makeup tutorials from my BRAND SPANKING NEW  ‘AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 MAKEUP LOOKS’!!!! Can you tell that I am really, super duper, uber, crazy excited by this, because I am! So number 1 is from Los Angeles and was inspired by my traveling in California, or ‘The Golden Coast’ Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to get GORGEOUS GOLDEN MAKEUP!

Video number 2 was filmed in New York City and the skyline is even reflected in the window behind me, it makes a super cool background!!!! Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to make your eyes and lips appear bigger. Lots of makeup artist secret tips in this makeup tutorial.

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Love and backpacking

Fiona xx


1940’s inspired ‘Pin-up’ makeup masterclass…..

Here you go guys!!! I have finally managed to upload my tutorial teaching you how to apply makeup to give you that ‘Pin-up’ look….. I use the exact makeup that I applied in the photos posted on my blog!

Thanks to those who voted in my poll….this video is for you guys!

Have fun trying this out, its rocks! Let me know how you get on, please feel free to leave me comments or ask questions….