The House of Nines Lookbook A/W 2013

urlHello beautiful makeup lovers!

As some of you may or may not know I took the jump and moved to big, bad London a few months ago. I did this so that I could focus on getting my makeup artist career headed for bigger things…in particular, LFW. Becoming a successful makeup artist is certainly not something that happens overnight and takes a lot of self motivation, hard work ( a lot of this is unpaid) and long hours. Its is completely and utterly worth it though when you can do a job that you LOVE. How many people can honestly say that they love their job??

Moving to London has been like starting at square one again, I had no contacts and no one knew of me……. So, the last few months have consisted of me searching everyday online for work so that I could begin networking here in London. Its not been easy but it is finally starting to pay off with the help of a few recommendations- word of mouth if my best friend. One of the most exciting shoots recently was for a front cover of Flawless Women Magazine. MY FIRST FRONT COVER!! My next step is to find an agency to represent me, I have just finished putting together my portfolio and emailing a few agencies to set up a meet……fingers crossed.

Anyway, enough of my rambling on!!! One of the photoshoots that I have done since moving to London was with 2 very talented designers who set up, The House of Nines. The photoshoot was for their A/W lookbook and since The House of Nines had recently shown in LFW Collections I was really excited to get the chance to work with them. Here is a small bit about them-

‘The House of Nines ensures superior quality in the architecture and execution of its every piece. House creators Ross Paul Keenan and Shamrez Marawat challenge the perception of British Menswear to arrive at a long-awaited rebirth of the form. Industrial landscapes inform sharply engineered silhouettes and muted tones.’

Some photos from the lookbook-

Photography: Duncan Telford
Make up: Fiona Henderson
Model: Louis Yearwood @ D1 Models

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Well, thats all for now. I shall continue to keep you updated… this space. Let me know if you would like to know how and what products I used to create this look.

Newest makeup tutorial to keep you on trend this spring-

Love Fiona


New Year… you!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Did everyone make some great new years resolutions? Is it wrong that mine was to buy more makeup……hee hee!!

Here are my ‘must have’ makeup products for the new year……

I love my Z-palette filled with totally awesome eyeshadows from Inglot! Here are the colours that I chose, you can see the some of the swatches below. This photo was taken whilst I was out shopping in Inglot, my arm was such a mess!

Here is my final z-palette, my yellow eyeshadow broke in transit on my way back from America. 

The numbers of the eyeshadows in my palette are as follows-

Matte 334, Matte 379, Pearl 429, Pearl 428, Pearl 415, Matte 322

Matte386, Matte 325, Matte 336, Matte 321,

Matte 366, AMC 50, D.S 504, AMC 58, Matte 379

I love my Cargo Blusher, highly pigmented and a great range of colours. These blushes are perfect for black skin.

Cargo are also famous for their bronzers! I adore the new hydrobronze, moisturising and the perfect colour for pale skin. This bronzer gives the most natural glowing tan!

For those of you who have read my blog before you may have heard me mention my new found love for Make Up Forever HD Blush! I love the creamy consistency that blends flawlessly to create an amazing finish. I have #13 and #14. 


Seriously, thanks to friend of mine for passing this mascara onto me I am in love with what I believe to be my new perfect mascara! Its black as black can be, lengthens and gives volume to your lashes and doesn’t leave any clumps. I discovered this mascara after I had my lashless episode where I lost a whole clump of lashes due to individual false lashes, so it really was my saving grace. 

Recently I came across ‘Rouge Automatique’ by Guirlain, the nifty contraption to open and shut the lipstick instantly drew me in and I soon found my ultimate lipstick colour. I use #164 almost everyday now and I am completely in love with the gorgeous pink/red colour that instantly warms my complexion up. These lipsticks are silky smooth in texture and stay on your lips for a long time without going all dry, mmmmm……

Whilst away in America I came the makeup brand, Stila, where I soon discovered the awesome lip glazes. Considering these are lipgloss there are relatively well pigmented and stay on your lips for a long time. They are slightly sticky though so beware if you have long hair and its windy outside.

I am super excited about what 2012 is going to bring………definitely more traveling to Africa and Asia…..maybe a certain big move to NYC to follow my dream…….What are you guys looking forward to in 2012? Let me know…..

Love Fi xx

I’m Back…..

Well Guys, I am back in sunny, eh I mean, very wet and cold Scotland! My first bit of traveling is finished and I already miss America, especially New York. If you want to know more about my American and Canadian travels you can visit my travel blog here. I leave for Africa on the 14th February and arrive in CapeTown first!!! So excited but also really, really nervous…….anyone want to join me?

So now that I am back I can’t wait to get a few more photoshoots organised with the immensely talented creatives that are here in Edinburgh!! Make sure you check back for behind the scenes from these shoots………

Recently (well just before christmas) I got a lovely mention on a wonderful blog- ‘How to be Fancy’ you can check it out here. I love this blog written by the awesome Heather, it always has great beauty inspiration. 

Tomorrow I will post all the makeup goodies that I got for my christmas…….. super, super exciting!


Finally!!! Around the world in 80 makeup looks has taken off and landed!!!!

Ciao Bella ( Don’t get confused and think I am in Italy right now)

FINALLY I have managed to upload my first 2 makeup tutorials from my BRAND SPANKING NEW  ‘AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 MAKEUP LOOKS’!!!! Can you tell that I am really, super duper, uber, crazy excited by this, because I am! So number 1 is from Los Angeles and was inspired by my traveling in California, or ‘The Golden Coast’ Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to get GORGEOUS GOLDEN MAKEUP!

Video number 2 was filmed in New York City and the skyline is even reflected in the window behind me, it makes a super cool background!!!! Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to make your eyes and lips appear bigger. Lots of makeup artist secret tips in this makeup tutorial.

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Love and backpacking

Fiona xx